Below are my thoughts from my daily Bible reading.  This was from a few days ago and I am still thinking about it.  These are my raw thoughts.

Bible Reading:  Judges 1-3

I think that where you stand is important but perhaps more important is the direction you are going.
Israel failed to drive out the inhabitants of the Land.  Many of them were kept as almost slaves.  I a sure that they thought it was better that way.  They knew they wouldn’t depart from God. Nth at just wasn’t going to happen because they were committed!  They were right, they stayed faithful to God.  But the problem is not always where you are, it can be the way you are going!  After that generation died, the next generation was around all those they did not drive out, and they didn’t know the God that their fathers and mothers knew.  They gladly received the gods of those that were never driven out.  From that point on, this would almost always be a problem present within Israel!
It could have well been avoided had that generation who stood with Gos not only held the right position, but would go in the right direction!

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