What does ‘Deputation’ mean? (by Jason Rishel)

It is late at night and you are driving home. Anxious to get back to your comfortable bed, your foot gets a little heavier on the gas peddle. Suddenly, the bright flashing light come alive behind you: the county sheriff. But when the officer walks up to your car, it isn’t the sheriff, but one of his deputies.

 What does ‘Deputation’ mean?

The word deputy is formed out of the word as deputation, whose root word means, “The act of appointing a person to represent or act on behalf of others.” The sheriff is busy in another part of the county preventing crime, so he appoints an army of others to act on his behalf in other areas he cannot be.

The churches in America are hard at work. They are working and giving everything to reach their areas with the Gospel. But they see the need to reach the other areas of the world with the Glorious Gospel. So they appoint deputies of their own. They find men and women who they believe in and trust and appoint them as their deputies to go to foreign lands to do the same Gospel work they are doing. Your missionaries are your deputies!


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