West African Proverb of the month    “People helping one another can bring an elephant into the house”

The idea behind this proverb is that a group of people, when working together, are able to accomplish great things. No matter how large the elephant is, a group of people large enough and working together can accomplish it.

The task to reach the world with the Gospel seems like a pretty big task. With a world population quickly headed towards 7.5 billion, with repressive governments and strong opposition from religious powers, the task may seem to some to be almost impossible to accomplish.

But it is a command that God gave to the church to do. And as we work to accomplish this “elephant”, we need to realize that if we want to see this accomplished in our generation, we have to work together. We have to find ways for all of us to get involved to see the gospel go forth and save lost souls that have never heard.

What part of the “elephant” are you going to carry?

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