Weekly Update (5/23/17)

Dear Pastors and Prayer Partners,

This past Wednesday, we were part of a church’s missions emphasis month and had a wonderful time. On Sunday we were with two different churches in the Greenville, South Carolina area. We also heard from a church that we were with last month, and they said they took us on for support! We are very excited to be one step closer to Japan. 

For part of last week, Rosie and I came down with a stomach bug, but we are now better and glad to be back up to speed. Today we will be heading up to Tennessee to be with a church up there and tomorrow we will be in North Carolina.

You probably know about manufacturing plants (places where things are made), but do you know about plant manufacturing in Japan? See the news section for more information.

  • Safety travelling to meetings
  • One new supporting Church

Prayer Requests:
  • Meetings for 2018
  • Trip to Japan this summer

From the News:
  • Since Japan is a chain of volcanic islands, there is not much space to grow food. Most of Japan’s food is imported, but there is a company that has decided to manufacture lettuce in a factory. Click here to learn more about this high-tech leaf growth.  

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