Weekly News Bites: A weekly update of what God is doing in my life.

Language School: Language school is going well. I am slowly learning more Chinese every day. I can make simple conversations with people and am starting to understand more and more words each day. Pray for me to keep working hard at it and to learn more and more each day. I will be switching language school teachers again. My current language school teacher will not be able to continue teaching me through the end of my trip because of graduating college and looking for a job. The next teacher I am getting should be able to continue teaching me for the rest of the time. Please pray that transition to go well.

An Xing Jian: This is the name of a Chinese guy that has been coming to my evangelistic Bible study. He has come all five times that I have done it so far and yesterday was starting to ask some questions about what we have studied so far. Please pray for his salvation. He has heard the Gospel a few times now and keeps coming back. Pray that he would be convicted of his sin and trust Christ. He works nearby my apartment at the HP printer company.

God is good: Even though life is busy here and trying at times, I am so blessed each and every day. God has saved me from hell and given me a purpose in life. I get to serve Him each day and spend my life doing my part in the great commission. I have a lot of good friends and a wonderful girl that I will be getting married to in October. I am living in a beautiful city and have had great health my whole time here. I am truly blessed. God is so good.

Evangelistic books: Thanks to the people that donated money for the evangelistic books I bought. I will visit and meet many Chinese only speaking people in shops and stores around the city when I am out practicing Chinese. Lately, I have been telling them thanks for helping me practice Chinese, and I have told them that I want to give them a book. I then give them an evangelistic book written in Chinese that explains the Gospel. People have really appreciated the gift. I hope they read it and find out about the even greater gift that God offers them.

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