Weekly News Bites:  A weekly update of what God is doing in my life!

Preparing the 2015 Calendar:

This past week was a good time to prepare and plan for the new year. My friend Andrew and I were able to plan out some things for the church outreach program in 2015. In 2014 as a church, we passed out over 26,950 pieces of literature in our community, and we are hoping that we can do much more than that in 2015. It is rewarding to know that most of the neighborhoods around our church have received a gospel tract at least once this year, if not two or three times. I am excited to do my part in this ministry in the two months I have left before I leave for China. Also, I am excited to see how God is going to grow this ministry while I am gone.

Nursing Home Ministry:

I had the opportunity to preach at a nursing home yesterday between Sunday services. It was a great time. My friends John and Justus came with me and helped me run the short service. I got to preach for almost 20 minutes which was exciting, but probably the funniest part was me playing the piano. As I was saying hello to an older gentleman, he asked me if I played the piano. I told him that I could play two songs, which is literally all I know. He told me that he liked to hear people play, so I figured I would give it a shot. I banged and blundered through my song and when I finished I received a round of applause. It was a thrilling experience!


I finally finished reading through the complete version of Charles Spurgeon`s “Lectures to My Students.” It was a long and difficult read, but I really enjoyed the book. It challenged me to raise the level of importance that I give to preaching, and always to be thinking of ways that I can tell lost sinners about Christ.

Brother Leading Singing:

I am adding a photo of my brother leading singing Sunday night. It is good to have him as a fellow student at the training center, and I am excited that he has been able to get involved so quickly.


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