Weekly News Bites: A weekly update of what God is doing in my life!

• Chinese Name: Mark and some of the other Chinese believers here picked out a Chinese name for me. The last name is bì which is just a regular Chinese last name. The first name is ēnkǎi which means Grace Triumphs. The name written out in Chinese characters is 毕恩凯 I am excited to have the name. It helps to have a name that people can pronounce.

• Unbeliever: One of the guys I met at the local university English corner last Saturday was interested in studying the Bible with me. We met Sunday night and had a very good Bible study. He is interested in studying and learning more about the Bible. I was able to explain the Gospel to him, and he seems open to learning more. Please be praying for his salvation. His name is Chengel Chauger, which is still hard for even me to remember.

• Language: I have enjoyed language studies recently. I take class in the morning then in the afternoon; I have been trying to practice with people I see on the streets. People are very friendly and like to try to help me with my Chinese. I have been practicing numbers so one of the sentences I say is, “My phone number is —-. Some people have actually got out there phones and kept my number. This surprised me, but what is even funnier is that a couple of them have actually tried calling me. I haven`t been able to carry on a conversation on the phone with them yet, but hopefully I will be able to soon.

• English Corner Outreach: I will be starting an English Corner Outreach at the church this Saturday afternoon. Please pray that it would go well. Pray that people will come, and pray that God would work in the hearts of the people that do come. I will do a simple Bible lesson in English, and I also plan to have a discussion time and vocabulary practice. The draw for people to come is English, and people that come will get English practice, but I also hope that some of them will become interested in learning more about Christ. Please pray for this event.

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