Weekly News Bites (by Kanon Bloom)

Weekly News Bites:  A weekly update of what God is doing in my life!

Friday Class



1. Friday Class:  For my weekly Friday Missionary Class, we had an older, retired missionary couple come speak. Their name is the Witherells. They spoke and encouraged the missionaries and us missions students about being committed to serving God. They had some amazing stories about how God provided for their needs as they served as missionaries in Peru. They went for weeks without being able to take a bath or know where money for their next meal would come from. They stuck with serving the Lord even when their circumstances were difficult. I really enjoyed them sharing in class, and I was encouraged to be committed in everything I do for the Lord. I must stick to doing what he has called me to do and to not give up.

2. Community Outreach: My church had a great outreach time this Saturday. We had a good crowd show up despite it being Valentine’s day. I was able to meet a young Chinese man. He had just moved into the area, and he looked like he was desperate for friends. I am hoping that he will come to church and that I will be able to get to share the Gospel with him. He is very shy because his English is not that great, but please pray that God would do a work in his life and that I will get to see him again.
3. Joshua: I enjoyed reading through Joshua in my Bible this week. I was reminded of how God fought for the Israelites. They didn`t win the battles, but God did. They just had to trust and obey the Lord. It is the same in my life. God won the battle of salvation when I trusted Him to save me. He is winning battles every day as he helps me grow and witness about him. I just need to trust and obey Him. I am nothing, but I serve a great God that can defeat any enemy. My life is not about myself, but it is about me serving Him so that he can win great battles through my life that bring Him all the honor and praise.




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