Bags Are Packed! I am ready to go to China! I have been able to wrap up nearly all the little things that I needed to get in order before I leave. This is a praise. I leave tomorrow morning at 11:50am. I will arrive in Dalian, China at 10:50pm local time. Please pray that I would have a safe trip. Pray that I would not have any issues with my luggage. Pray that I would have the opportunity to tell someone about Christ on the trip.


Celebration Sunday: My church had a special day of services yesterday to celebrate the church`s ninth anniversary. It was a great day. We had a service then a meal, then a service. One of the guys that have come to my Friday night Bible study came to church for the first time. Pray for him. His name is Jorge. At the end of the second service, the deacons and pastors prayed for me and my time in China. This was a special time. I really appreciate how much my home church, Vision has cared for me and taught me. I will miss my church family. It was a wonderful day celebrating how much God has blessed the church and each one of us.

Roommate: While in China, I will have the opportunity to share an apartment with a Chinese believer named Ryan. He is a great guy that has a desire to serve the Lord with his life. He got saved a little over a year ago and has been growing fast in his walk with the Lord. I had the opportunity to meet him on my trip last November, and I am looking forward to getting to know him better in the next six months. Rooming with him should give me a good opportunity to practice the language. Please pray that I would take advantage of it. Also, pray that I would be a blessing to him.

Children`s Service: For the past year on Thursday nights, I have been in charge of teaching the elementary aged kids during the main service. This past Thursday was my last time. I preached to them about Jesus being crucified. I have enjoyed all the opportunities I have had to teach on Thursday nights to the kids. It has given me great practice preaching, and I felt like it has helped me get a lot better at teaching the Bible. I will miss this class. I have had some great people that have helped me teach the class. Please pray for them as they will be taking over the responsibility of it with me leaving.

I am excited to get to China.  Thanks to everyone that has given and prayed for me to make this dream a reality!

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