✪ This past Sunday was our second week of Sunday school at the new church. This is probably one of the most exciting times for me because I am not teaching. Even though that sounds weird, because I love teaching, I love seeing the Lord working in the lives of other guys as they teach His Word. It is awesome to see them slowly growing in the Lord.

✪ We haven’t started Sunday school yet at the other church but we are working on plans to start it there also. We just have to work out the times, teachers etc.

✪ Next Sunday is Easter and we are planning on two separate outreaches at each of the churches. Pray that each of these outreaches will cause new people to come and hear of our resurrected Lord Jesus!

✪ China Videos: 085 Nightlife Dalian | 086 Alongside the Light Rail | 087 View of HeiShiJiao

✪ Recently Read: A More Sure Word: Which Bible Can You Trust? – This books was recommended to me by another person so I read it. I actually enjoyed the book and thought the author had a very balance attitude in the discussion and enjoy his thoughts on the issue. This is a good book to read if you are looking for something to read about the discussion but don’t want to get in the fight. From the book: “As we study this topic, it is my sincere desire to represent both sides of the issue truthfully and respectfully, while at the same time stating why I believe in the King James Bible.” [1]

✪ Recently Read: What You Do Best in the Body of Christ: Discover Your Spiritual Gifts, Personal Style, and God-Given Passion – This books encourages you to use your spiritual gifts in the realm of your passion and personal style. It is like most books on the subject, less bible and more practical considerations. From the book: “Spiritual gifts are divine abilities distributed by the Holy Spirit to every believer according to God’s design and grace for the common good of the body of Christ.” [2]

✪ Past Post: Teamwork – I take three post to consider teamwork.

✪ We were able to book our pastor to come over and visit the ministry this fall. We are excited that he is coming and thankful that he is willing to take the time out of his busy schedule to visit us here on the field. We know he will be a blessing!

✪ My wife and I have agreed on a name for the baby. I think this is the quickest that we have agreed on a name. It is….

✪ Pray for the two young men who are helping in the ministry, English names: Benjamin and Ryan.

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