Translating and redistributing Christian resources as a means to fight against the theological famine in villages around the world.

The concept is simple:

A 100 page pdf document of solid Biblical teaching is sent from our offices to offices around the world where we have Christian, capable translators translate the literature into the native tongue of the local villages. The translators will also record a reading of the material. The material is delivered in print and by mp3 to Christian leaders in the villages on a monthly basis.

The need is clear:

Churches in the villages suffer from a lack of theological education in the life of their leaders. They are greatly influenced by the charismatic movement and others channels of wrong doctrine.

The resources are abundant:

In America and in the English language we are inundated with Christian material. Understandably a great amount is not worth reading or export, we still have exponentially more materials to us than our Christian brothers around the world.

How you can get involved:

The need varies based upon the language group and missionary with which we are partnering. If you are interested in getting involved by being an advocate and financial supporter of this project we will put you in contact with one of our missionaries. They will be able to give you a financial breakdown of their needs for this project in their country.



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