Recommended Reading

Required Reading:



__ The Journals of George Whitefield

By George Whitefield

__ To The Golden Shore

By Courtney Anderson

__ Up from Slavery

By Booker T Washington

__ William Carey

By S Pierce Carey

__Autobiography of George Mueller

By George Mueller

__The Life And Diary of David Brainerd

By Jonathan Edwards


Church Planting

__ Passing the Baton; Church Planting that Empowers

By Tom Steffen

__ Planting Churches Cross-Culturally

By David Hasselgrave

__ Planting Growing Churches for 21st Century:

By Aubrey Malphurs

__ Planting Missional Churches

By Ed Stetzer

__ Revolution in World Mission

By K P Yohannen

__ Simple Church

By Thom Rainer

__ Ten Most Common Mistakes Made

By Jim Griffith and Bill Easum

__ The Indigenous Church

By Melvin Hodges

__ The Planting and Development of Missionary Churches

By John Nevius




__ Christian Counselor’s Manual

By Jay Adams

__ Competent to Counsel

By Jay Adams



__ Choose the Life: Exploring a Faith that Embraces Discipleship

By Bill Hull

__ The Disciple Making Pastor

By Bill Hull

__ The Lost Art of Disciple Making

By Howard Hendricks

__ The Master Plan of Discipleship

By Robert Coleman

__ The Master’s Plan for Making Disciples

By Win Arn

__ The Training of the Twelve

By A B Bruce

__Twelve Ordinary Men

By John McArthur



__ An Introduction to the New Testament

By Carson,  oo, and Morris

__ Christian Theology

By Millard Erickson

__ For the Glory of God

By Rodney Stark

__ The Genesis Flood: The Biblical Record and Its Scientific Implications

By John Whitcomb

__ The Kingdom of the Cults

By Walter Martin

__ The Long War against God: “The History and Impact of the Creation/Evolution Conflict”

By Henry Morris

__ The Unfolding Mystery – Discovering Christ in the Old Testament

By Edmund Clowney

__ Things to Come

By Dwight Pentecost


__ Concentric Circles of Concern

By Oscar Thompson

__ Sharing Jesus Without Fear

By Bill Fay

__ The Art of Personal Evangelism

By Will MaRaney

__ The Master Plan of Evangelism

By Robert Coleman

__ The Way of the Master

By Ray Comfort

__ The Unexpected Journey

By Thom Rainer

__ Unexpected Insights from the Unchurched

By Thom Rainer


__ Love and Respect

By Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

__ Shepherding your Child’s Heart

By Ted Tripp


__ Financial Peace:

By Dave Ramsey

__ The Treasure Principle

By Randy Alcorn

__ Total Money Make Over

By Dave Ramsey

Historical Readings

__ A History of the Baptists

By John T Christian

__ Foxe’s Book of Martyrs

By John Foxe

__ The Rise of Christianity

By Rodney Stark

__America in Crimson Red

By Beller

__A History of the Baptist

By Thomas Armitage

__Baptist Heritage

By Leon McBeth


Inter-Personal Relationships

__ Deputation Manual

By Austin Gardner

__ How to Win Friends & Influence People

By Dale Carnegie

__ Never Eat Alone

By Keith Ferrazzi

__ People Raising

By William P Dillon


__ Community is my Language Classroom

By E. Thomas Brewster

__ LAMP, Language Acquisition Made Practical

By E. Thomas Brewster


__ A Biblical Theology of Missions

By George Peters

__ A Mind for Missions: Ten Ways to Build your World Vision

By Paul Borthwick

__ An Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to use means for the conversion of the Heathen

By William Carey

__ Bruchko

By Bruce Olson

__ Cross-cultural Servanthood

By Duane Elmer

__ Culture Shock

By Myron Loss

__ Education Principles and Missionary Methods

By Roland Allen

__ Eternity in their Hearts

By Don Richardson

__ From Jerusalem to Irian Jaya: A Biographical History of Christian Missions

By Ruth Tucker

__ How to be a World Class Christian

By Paul Borthwick


__ Lords of the Earth

By Don Richardson

__ Marching to a Different Drummer: Rediscovering Missions in an Age of Affluence and Self-Interest

By Jim Raymo

__ Mentoring for Mission

By Gunter Krallmann

__ Mission in the Old Testament

By Walter Kaiser

__ Missionary Methods; “Saint Paul’s or Ours”

By Rolland Allen

__ Peace Child

By Don Richardson

__ Perspectives on the World Christian Movement

By Winters and Hawthorn

__ Preparing Missionaries for Intercultural Communication

By Lyman E. Reed

__ Psychology of Missionary Adjustment

By Marge Jones

__ Radical

By David Platt

__ Shadow of the Almighty; “Life and Testament of Jim Elliot”

By Elizabeth Elliot

__ Six Dangerous Question to Transform your View of the World

By Paul Borthwick

__ Tally Ho The Fox!

By Herb Hodges

__ The Challenge of Missions

By Oswald J. Smith

__ The Creation of a Student Movement to Evangelize the World

By Timothy Wallstrom

__ The Fuel and the Flame: 10 Keys to Ignite your College Campus for Jesus Christ

By Steve Shadrach

__ The Key to the Missionary Problem

By Andrew Murray

__ The Missions Addiction: Capturing God’s Passion for the World

By David Shibley

__ The Ugly American

By William Lederer


__ Criswell’s Guidebook for Pastors

By W A Griswell

__ Lectures to my Students

By Charles Spurgeon

__ Ministering Cross-Culturally

By Sherwood G Lingenfelter

__ Pastoral Ministry: How to Shepherd Biblically

By John MacArthur

__ Spiritual Leadership

By J Oswald Sanders

Personal-Spiritual Growth

__ As Iron Sharpens Iron

By Howard Hendricks

__ Cat and Dog Theology

By Bob Sjogern


__ Made to Stick

By Chip Heath and Dan Heath

__ Mere Christianity

By C.S. Lewis

__ On Being a Servant of God

ByWarren Wiersbe

__ Ordering your Private World

By Gordon Macdonald

__ Pilgrim’s Progress

By John Bunyan

__ Spurgeon on Prayer and Spiritual Warfare

By Charles Spurgeon

__ Tale of Three Kings

By Gene Edward

__ The Normal Christian Life

By Watchman Nee

__ The Release of the Spirit

By Watchman Nee

__ The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor

By Howard Taylor

__ To Be or Not to Be a Church Member

By Wayne Mack



__ Biblical Hermeneutics

By Kaiser and Silva

__ Biblical Preaching

By Haddon W. Robinson

__ Exegetical Fallacies

By D.A. Carson

__ On the Preparation and Delivery of Sermons

By John Broadus

__ Preachers and Preaching

By Martyn Lloyd Jones

__ Preaching and Teaching with Imagination

By Warren W. Wiersbe

__ The Effective Invitation

By Alan Streett