Objection: We do not help their physical needs, then we aren’t helping them

Answer: We are helping them

Providing for physical needs does not mean that we are helping them. The US government is one of the most giving countries when it comes to foreign aid. We give billions of dollars worth of food and other aid away and have done so for years and yet things have not changed much.

The truth is that people are fed, orphans are in “Christian” orphanages, clothing is given out and so much more yet all those people who have been given their physical needs die and go to hell without ever hearing the Gospel. So in fact, nothing was accomplished except providing a more comfortable way to fall into a Christless eternity.

To say that if you only proclaim the Gospel then you do not help is a gross misunderstanding of the Gospel. That statement reveals not only that one does not understand the Gospel but also does not understand what we have been commanded to do. A person must dig and twist to say our job is to put the clear command of preaching the Gospel to the side so we can find more obscure ways to show that our job is to help physical needs.

We are clearly and plainly told to go and preach the Gospel. That is the command from our God and the example we see in Acts. The early church sought one goal: get the news of Jesus Christ to everyone. They knew that the greatest need in this world is for people to have their sins forgiven.

In conclusion, if you think that people’s greatest need is to have clean water, be clothed and fed or one of many such things then go right on ahead and do those things as a humanitarian. But if you believe this world is lost. That unless they believe in Jesus Christ they will die and go to hell; then preach the Gospel and when the whole world at least knows it; we can start the humanitarian stuff.

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