The Over-Exaggerated Testimony (by Ben Johnson)

As a child, I was one bad kid. I lived in open rebellion. My parents had no ability to control me. My whole goal in life was to go from one fun thing to the next. God was no where in my mind nor my heart. I kept living this way until one day, I hit rock bottom. It was then that I found myself face to face with the law of God. I realized then how wicked I was and put my faith in Christ.

All of those things are true… for the most part. Considering this all happened when I was 6 years old, it is hard to say to what extent they are true. But how often do we do this? We take our testimony, spin it to make it as bad as we can, then conclude it briefly that we trusted in Christ.

I believe that we fall into a trap when it comes to our testimony that unless I was amazingly bad then my salvation story is not that exciting and it was not much of a miracle. We will either highlight the bad we were typically to one-up others and their testimonies or to make it seem more exciting because let’s be honest, a kid who grows up in church then trusts Christ isn’t much of a story.

We too frequently think that in order for my testimony to seem like a miracle that God saved them , we have to make it bigger than we perceived it was and the best way is to play up how sinful we were. It could not just be that we understood the Gospel at a young age and realized our sin, but that we had woken up the day before after having passed out from stealing birthday cake then lying about it and we saw our ways. We then stumbled our way into the nearest church and heard the Gospel.

The problem though is that the spotlight falls on me and my sin when it should be on God and how good He was to save me. No matter my past, no matter how openly I sinned, I was still a filthy rotten sinner even at 6 years old. It is an amazing thing that God would save me as a moral and religious person. I did not deserve salvation more than the worst murderer.

The spotlight of our testimony should not be on the pit God pulled us out of, but on the God who pulled us out of the pit. No matter how boring you think your testimony may seem, if God saved you, it was an amazing and miraculous thing. Do not ever forget that.


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