The Just Husband (by Ben Johnson)

When it comes to Christmas, much of the story focuses on Mary. I even started by telling the story from Mary’s perspective in a previous post! Joseph is overlooked but though he seems to play a small part, he also shows us much.

There is little doubt that Mary faced much ridicule and shame with her situation. But that same pressure must have been on Joseph as well. Here was a devout, Jewish man, espoused to a woman who now had the reputation of a harlot. He knew Mary and most likely knew the family so maybe he had his doubts about what was going on.

Under Jewish law, Mary could be stoned but he did not want that. The only kind thing he could think of was to divorce her quietly. This would rid him of the problem that his future spouse did get pregnant out-of-wedlock and also saved her from an unfortunate end. The stress of all this must have been immense. At last, it took an angel coming to Joseph for him to see the truth.

It seems all of this took much thought and consideration. I wonder myself how I would have reacted if my fiance came to me saying she was pregnant. Would I be rash and cast her out? Not caring. Or would I ponder the best solution Biblically? There is wisdom in thinking and waiting and may we all seek to have it.



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