The high ground is always the ground that is fought for. In battle, you want the high ground. There are strategic and key places that must be won and secured to help win the victory. Although those who are calling the shots and directing the troops know the plan, typically those on the ground do not see the whole plan.

Imagine the infantryman on the field of battle. He is cold and hungry. He has been battling for weeks and longs for home. But the orders come, they must take the hill in front of them. There are many hills around. Some seem like they would be easier to assault and take. Some seem like they are more important than the hill they are told to take but nonetheless, they march on and attack the hill. The fighting is fierce and many die. Perhaps the question goes through the soldier’s mind, “Why are we wasting so much blood on this hill?”

As Christians, we are in a war. There are many hills that can be fought so that we may take them. In other words, there is a lot that a Christian can be involved and battle towards but the key question we must ask is, “What has the General ordered?”

You can work to defend our liberties in this country but that is not the order that God has given us. That is not the hill we are to die on. You can work to help the poor and orphans, but again, that is not the hill that God has commanded us to take. You can work at making sure Christian moral values are everywhere. And to continue the pattern, that is not the hill we are to die on.

It seems so many Christians are focused on fighting on every hill but the one God has commanded us to take. The one He has called us to die on. What is that hill? It is to take the Gospel into the entire world. His long-standing order is for us as a church to take His message of salvation to a lost and dying world. Those things I mentioned are not the bad things but when have we worked as hard at getting the Gospel out and starting churches as we have at promoting those things?

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