The Halfway Point (by Kanon Bloom)



It has been almost three months since I landed here in China back in March. I have three more months left here. These three months have been very fun and rewarding. I have been learning many life and ministry lessons that I will never forget. I would like to share with you some of the things that I have been learning from my time here.

Ministry is about caring and loving others: Often I think what is important is for me to get my tasks and goals done. I have good motives. I want to work hard. I want to get jobs done as soon as possible. Sometimes though I forget to care and love others in the process. I become selfish in wanting to use my time for myself that I don`t take the time to be a blessing and build relationships with others. I need to work at building relationships and encouraging other people. I need to focus not just on my needs but look out for others and how they are doing. I need to make efforts to spend time helping others grow in their walk with Christ and not just worry about my own needs. I need to be consistently giving my life for others even if I never receive anything in return.

I can learn Chinese: Chinese classes have been going good, and I am slowly learning more and more each day. I can now make simple conversations and communicate very basic ideas. The language is very difficult to learn, and I have many many months of long studies ahead, but I can see myself being able to speak Chinese fluently one day. No longer does it sound like a lot of meaningless sounds. No longer does the grammar make no sense. I am starting to be able to hear words and pick them out. I am starting to recognize the grammar patterns and know where I am supposed to place words. I am learning how the language works and have learned what I need to do each day to learn the language. Now, I just have to put in the work and hours to be able to speak fluently. 

Planting a church takes a lot of work: I am getting to be a part of and see how a church is planted and established. God has used my friend and mentor Mark to plant a church here in Dalian, China. The church is small but growing which is really exciting.  I get to see all the work that goes into building a church. It is not easy. There are so many different kinds of challenges. I have learned so much by getting to be a part of this. There is nothing more difficult but also more rewarding than planting a church.

Believe God: I have to believe God. He is wanting to do a great work here; I just need to have the faith to believe that He will do it. Neither China, Dalian, or even one single person is going to be reached without God doing an amazing work. I need to trust Him to work. I know He will. I have really seen Him starting to work in people`s lives the last few couple of weeks. I need to step out in faith each day expecting him to do a miraculous work each and every day. I have an awesome God, and He will do awesome things.



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