When Thomas Sankara and the communist party took complete control of the newly independent West AFrican country known as the Upper Volta, they brought about a lot of change to the country. The most recognized changes were renaming the country Burkina Faso and replacing the national flag.

The red half of the flag represents the ideas of Communism, ideas and beliefs Sankara hoped would unite all Burkina under him. The green half represents the promised wealth and prosperity that would flood the country under his leadership.

In the very center of the flag Sankara placed a single gold star. This star, said Sankara, represents the communist government he had built. Times will get hard, he told the people. Difficulties will arise. You will face trials and pain. During these dark days, you must look to the flag and remember that your government is the shining star that will lead you and guide you to brighter days!

In only three years, Sankara was killed and his communist government fell. But the flag still waves all over the country of Burkina as a reminder.

A reminder that governments, religions, and people all over the world make promises to their people to lead and guide them. And millions and billions follow these “Golden Stars” to their graves. But like Sankara, these promises are unfaithful and unable to help those that follow them in their time of greatest need.

What “Gold Star” are you following?

“Looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of your Faith!”

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