The Bible VS. Polytheism (by Paul Taube)

Biblical Answers to Polytheism.

Previously I wrote on the three major gods of Hinduism and stated that these were three of the thousands that are deceiving the people of India. In these few subsequent blogs I will give biblical answers to polytheism. Covering the following topics: polytheism and the trinity how the trinity is not polytheistic, biblical stories of God ordering the eradication of polytheistic religions, and the polytheistic nature of “Christianity” in India.

What is polytheism? Polytheism is the belief of many gods. We as Christians affirm a monotheistic philosophy: meaning a belief in one god. A contingency often raised at the assertion of Biblical Christianity being monotheistic is, “What about the Trinity?”. The doctrine of the Trinity is God manifests himself in three persons (i.e the Father the Son and the Holy Ghost) being raised in a Christian environment I can easily see God maintaining three identities while still being a single person. However when presenting this idea to a person that is new to Christianity or someone that is particularly critical to such things can be quite difficult and cause us to do some much needed self evaluation on why we believe what we believe. It is true that the word trinity is never mentioned in the Bible, however there are strong allusions to it. At the very beginning of the Bible in Genesis, 1:26 to be exact, God says, “Let us make man in our own image”. Notice the use of first person plural pronouns, us and our, the use of said pronouns means that God is speaking to a group of people, but including himself in the discussion. We know that man is made in the image of God so the people God is telling after whose image we will make man must in turn be God. In 1 John 5:7-8, John says that these three are one. John and Genesis talk about a single God that chooses to present himself in three way the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit and although one may be discussed more than another all are important and fulfill a necessary and vital role for our physical life, our salvation, and our spiritual growth.Studying the trinity is very fulfilling and very important; and I would encourage anyone going to a field where Christianity is seen as polytheistic or just wanting to know more about what they believe and growing in knowledge of God to study the trinity for yourself. It is a difficult study but it is a profoundly interesting and rewarding study.


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