Mother’s day is always a day of celebration. It is the day where we honor all that our mother’s have done for us. Being a mother means being a conflict resolution specialist, disciplinarian, doctor, professional chef and care-giver all at the same time. A mother’s work is never done and certainly it is something to be celebrated because much of motherhood is thankless.

However, there is another side to mother’s day. A side that many do not see or realize even exists unless they are in it. While mother’s day brings great joy to so many, it brings great hurt for many as well. I do not advocate the removal of mother’s day because of the pain it can cause, but I do believe that we must learn to be considerate and to choose our words wisely on such an occasion. Here are some reasons why:

Some have lost their mothers

Birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and especially mother’s day are hard for those who have lost a loved one in the prior year. For some, mother’s day becomes a painful reminder that their mom is no longer here. I cannot imagine the pain that comes with losing one’s mother. I know that it must be terrible.

Some have lost their children

It is one thing to lose one’s mother, it is another to lose a child. To have been a mother then to lose that due to some unforeseen tragedy or illness creates much suffering. It can go deeper still. For some, their children have turned their backs on their parents or maybe just their parents beliefs. They may be physically alive yet absent.

Some have never been able to be a mother

Infertility affects twelve percent of couples in the US. It is not a problem you can quickly figure out. As a matter of fact, most would never know. They only see a couple with no children and joke with them about how they should be the next ones to be pregnant. Their comments are meant lightheartedly but it opens up deep and painful wounds. They would love to be a mother but simply can’t for some reason or another.

Some have bad mothers

We live in a sinful world and those that hurt us most are those who are closest to us. Not all mothers are good mothers. Some have never met their mother because they were abandoned. While some have happy memories of doing fun things with their mother, others only remember how their mom would come home high or drunk. Memories that should be filled with good times are only filled with sadness at the relationship they never had.Untitled-1

This world is broken and everything we see here is a result of that brokenness. Sometimes we live in such bubbles that we do not realize what truly goes on in this life. Let us remember to pray for those who are affected negatively on mother’s day. Let us also remember to pray for Jesus to return quickly and set this world back to how it should be.

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