Survey Trip Check List


Name  __________________________________ Country ____________________________


Date of Trip _____________________________


Cities Visited: _________________________________________________________________


Living Expenses:


What is available to rent?  ______________________________________________________


What is the cost of an apartment? _____________ a house? ___________________________


Other? ______________________________________________________________________


What is the cost for utilities? Electricity? _______________ Water? _____________________________ Is the current 220 or 110?


Telephone? ____________________ Gas for house? ____________ Propane, Natural, Gas


bottles? What will set up cost be for the bottles etc.? ____________________


Food?  What is available and unavailable?



Clothing: What is available and unavailable?



Medical: Where can you get good medical treatment?  Name of the suggested clinic or hospital




Name of good doctors? __________________________________________________________

Medicines What is available and unavailable?


Water purification? _____________


Transportation? ________________Public Trains etc ____________Taxis _________________


Bus ______________________


What will it cost to get a car, truck or van __________________________________________


What would be the most appropriate vehicle __________________________________ ____


Cost and availability of parts________


Education of Children.  Home School, Christian School, cost etc


Language School for parents.  Cost etc. Child care?


Laundry and dry cleaning?


Set up expenses?


Cost of furniture


Rent and guarantee to be paid up front?


Type of contract to sign?


Cost of hotel or where to stay until you find a house etc.?


What will I need to take with me to the field from the states?


What do I do to get a visa?


How safe is it?


How will I get my money?


What about my personal library?



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