Stuff from our Week – Out of the NICU! (by Philip Bassham)

Our new Family

I want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your prayers and support this past week with the complications of the birth of Grace and her time in the NICU.

Today, after 7 days in the NICU, she was finally released, and we were able to bring her home!

This past week, we were able to see the Lord answer prayers from all of the world for little Grace. There was a whirlwind of change that happened over here in the 24 hours following the update out asking for prayer for her.

When I sent out the update, she was not breathing on her own, and the prognosis was for sepsis, pneumonia, and meningitis, with likely long term developmental effects with her brain, hearing and seeing.

24 hours later, the doctor came in to tell us that the risk for any of this had changed from extremely likely, to extremely low.

There were hundreds of people that told us that they were praying for her, and we are grateful that the Lord heard your prayers and answered.

The next 4-5 days in the NICU after that have thankfully been far less dramatic. We were able to go visit her every day, hold her, and Lori was able to feed her as the doctors completed the treatment that she needed before being released.

My shoes did get stolen out of the NICU, but it turns out that it was just an old lady that was almost blind who took them. They tracked her down using the cameras and I got them back. That was about as exciting as it got.

We also want to thank all the ones that have helped with the medical bills! I wasn’t sure how we were going to pay for them at all, but there were many that have given both small and large amounts to help us, and it will help tremendously toward relieving that financial pressure.

Thank you so much.

It has been a dramatic week for us, but at the end we look back and amazed by God’s goodness and faithfulness to us once again. Not that His goodness or faithfulness would be diminished if Grace was not healed. In fact, in the midst of the uncertainty of the week was when we were comforted by Him the most, but His all-wise plan included allowing us to bring home a healthy girl this week to raise for Him, and for that, we are of course overjoyed.


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