Coup in Thailand

  • Martial law was just declared in Thailand last Monday while we were in Singapore getting our missionary visas. More on that below.
  • Thursday, after we got back to Bangkok, it turned into a full-blown coup.
  • They shut down TV stations, Radio, set a curfew, dissolved the government, and suspended the constitution. It is still likely that they will ban social media next.
  • The news about the coup d’état broke while I was in the barbershop. Lively conversation ensued, but everyone knew it was coming.
  • I guess this means I submitted my final visa paperwork to a defunct government. The coup literally happened while I was handing my paperwork in.
  • We don’t know if this will turn dangerous or not. Right now, we are in no danger. Just waiting. Our Language school is cancelled and there are a few small anti-coup protests around, is all.
  • People here seem to be taking the coup in stride. It is the 12th coup in 80 years, after all. So, kind of just part of the process here.
  • The anti-coup protests are starting while the army tries to keep them from assembling. This is where it starts to get interesting.

Visa Trip to Singapore

  • This week we also had to make a trip to Singapore to pick up our new “missionary visas.” It is the 2nd to last step of the long process to be here legally and permanently as missionaries.
  • Officially, just because of how it works, we are “Church of God of Prophecy” missionaries. Kinda funny. Picture of our paperwork.
  • $ingapore, come to find out, it is the most expensive city in the world. I believe it!
  • It took 2 days to process the paperwork, so we met up with a missionary there, Chantha Chhim, and had a good time talking with him and hearing about Singapore and the work he is doing.
  • Here is my impression of Singapore:
    – Incredibly international
    – Most everyone speaks English
    – As nice, clean, & safe as the nicest U.S. city
    – Super expensive/rich
  • It was like Cross-culture overload there. For instance:
    2 Americans,
    living in Thailand,
    visited Singapore,
    went to Chinatown,
    & ordered Italian
    from a Malaysian waiter.
  • Want an example of Singapore prices??
    – Toyota Corolla in Singapore – $102,000
    – Toyota Corolla in the States – ~$17k
  • Misc: This is how they stop at traffic lights on a hot day in Bangkok. –

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