Stuff from our Week (by Philip Bassham)

  • If you’re wondering if the protesting is still going on, yes, it is. It’s actually bigger and more violent than ever with much more planned.
  • This is very similar to Christmas here in Thailand: “Christmas in China?”
  • It seems there are a LOT of holiday breaks here, so I checked the calendar and sure enough, Thailand has almost 2x the number of holidays compared to the U.S.
  • We threw a Christmas party to have a chance to witness to some friends and it went pretty good, but I wish I’d have done a little better.
  • I feel like I’ve been on a fast track of learning for the last few weeks of language study. I like it this way a lot better than slow!
  • On a 5 day weekend like this one, Bangkok empties as people go home to visit. About 60% of the city has their roots outside the city.
  • Experimented with a more simple and cheap way of renewing our visas this week with a border run to Cambodia. All worked out well for about $100.

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