Stuff from our Week (by Philip Bassham)

  • I got way behind on updates. Sorry! The Latest: We are back in Thailand, back studying, visitors coming soon, lots of people to tell about Jesus.
  • Before a missionary goes to the field, God breaks his heart as he thinks of those w/out the Gospel in that land.

    After arriving, it breaks daily as you get to know people see lives that lay ruined without God.

  • Anyone know of good, conservative, church-connected ministries working with prostitution and sex trafficking in Thailand?
  • After 6 mo. of protests, the Thai Prime Minister and 9 cabinet members were just ordered by the court to step down. More…
  • You would think the protestors would like that the Prime Minster was finally forced out. But not really. Now they are just mad about the new one.
  • Our friends, Jake Taube and John Walz got kicked out of China. It is a good chance to have them in your church and help them. If you are a pastor, I hope you will consider it. They are now planning on going to Taiwan, which will require them raising additional support from where they were.

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