• Got a giant map of Bangkok (and a few others) for my wall this week. I’m excited to get it up. Planning and praying.
  • Bradley Edmondson came through Bangkok this week and we were able to host him for a night and talk about the possibility of hosting a medical team some time in the future.
  • Andrew Chafa is here this week on his survey trip and we have been trying to help him get a handle on Bangkok and the ministry opportunities while he is in town.
  • My Thai has progressed from, “I have no idea how to say that” to, “I know I just said that wrong & they’re too nice to tell me.” It’s Progress! (You may need to have learned a language before to fully understand this:)
  • Thai people will call a kid “Cute & Ugly”. Cute to compliment & Ugly so spirits will be confused and not harm the child.
  • This morning, Thai Airways had two of their new planes blessed by a monk for good luck. Picture of the event.

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