Stuff from our Week (by Philip Bassham)

  • Got approved for our long-term missionary visa this week! Thanks for praying!
  • Streets were cleared & lined w/police, escorting me to my visa appt. I think the Lord wants me here. (& probably the royal family)
  • Our visa process is still not completely through. We still have to wait probably 3 months for the government to do its paperwork, then will have to go to an external embassy to switch our visas, and then re-enter Thailand and get our work permits. Then we will be done. Just have to renew each year. (and check-in every 90 days.)
  • Thought this was a beautiful video.
  • In 1900 only 14% of the world’s population lived in urban areas. In 2011, 51%; by 2050, the world will be nearly 70% urban. Rob Hoskins

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