• We updated the look of our website. Opinions? I think I like it.
  • Thai government has imposed a state of emergency here in Bangkok. Things got a little heated around the elections last Sunday with gunfights in the streets, but we are still alive and doing well.
  • Now after the hotly protested elections, the main protest group has fizzled a bit (but still going every day), but now there is a new group of protestors. The new group is made up of rice farmers (who normally support the current government) that have not gotten paid for the rice that they sold to the government under a scheme that promised to give them higher than normal prices. But now the government doesn’t have the money to pay the farmers and the farmers are desperate.
  • Attendance is pretty slim these days at my language school. Most everyone (prob 70%?) is hiding out somewhere I guess. Pansies.
  • The Creation Debate in Thailand doesn’t really exist. Buddha didn’t teach about origins, so people here don’t much either.
  • Recently we had the coldest day in Bangkok in 30 years. How cold? A frigid 60°.
  • My unlimited data iPhone plan here is $13/mo. Is that cheaper than in the States? I forgot.
  • I went to the barber for the first time in years recently. After buzzing my own hair for so long, it felt like such a waste of time!

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