• I started some more serious research of Bangkok recently to find the place the Lord would have us plant. Prayers appreciated for wisdom!
  • One of the extremely rewarding things about being a missionary here is witnessing initial reactions to initial exposure to Jesus.
  • Read our January Prayer Letter Here
  • The US Embassy just sent us an email saying to stock 2 weeks supply of cash, food, & medicine. “Bangkok Shutdown” starts on Monday.
  • “BangkokShutdown” = occupying main intersections to halt the city & force action. It could get interesting because we live between site 1 & 2 on this map
  • Somehow our air conditioner heard about the “Bangkok Shutdown” and decided to participate.
  • Buddha’s dying words were “Strive without ceasing.” Jesus’ were “It is finished.”
    Give me Jesus. – Sauls
  • Self-Pity: when what others have done to you looms larger in your heart than what God has done for you. – Vassar
  • Christians believe in the virgin birth of Jesus. Materialists believe in the virgin birth of the cosmos. Choose your miracle. – Scrivener

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