Sorry Santa (by Ben Johnson)

I mentioned this in a sermon I recently preached at my home church. The thought I mentioned in the sermon still grips me because of how amazing it is. The thought is this: No act of flesh can make you a child of God. 

I believe one of the problems we have in our society even as Christians is that we do not truly digest the content we consume. What I mean by that is we often hear and watch media but do very little in terms of processing it. I think it is mostly seen in the songs we listen to and even sing. We hear songs but do not truly grasp what they are saying. We even sing songs and do not grasp what they are saying. I cannot tell you how many times in good churches I have heard and sang songs that have lines in them that are bad theology.

I write all of that to say that about a relatively popular Christmas song: Here Comes Santa Clause. In the song, there is a line that goes like this:

Santa knows we are all God’s children And that makes everything right So let’s give thanks to the Lord above ‘Cause Santa Clause comes tonight

Sorry Santa, we are not all God’s children. Remember the thought I mentioned at the beginning of the post? No act of the flesh can make someone a child of God. We cannot become a child of God just because we are born (meaning, an act of flesh). There is no human act we can do in order to become a child of God. There is one way and that is by faith in Jesus Christ.

For ye are all the children of God by faith in Christ Jesus. – Galatians 3:26

We all have a relationship with God. The question is what relationship do we have. If we are not His child, then we are His criminal. No amount of good can transfer our status from being a criminal to being His child. In other words, you can’t do it in your own effort. There is only one way to make the relationship right and that is by faith in Christ.

God set up His way of salvation beautifully. He made it all so that it would be abundantly clear that the only way anyone becomes His child or can be in heaven is by faith in Christ. It is salvation by grace alone by faith alone in Christ alone for a reason. Any other way is trying to use fleshly means to attain it, but that isn’t what God wanted.


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