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The following article was taken from some information written by Austin Gardner to help people decide if they really should take a missions trip or not. I’m sure you will enjoy this as I did…


You should not go on a trip if the following is true in your life: 


1. Your personal comfort is a priority for you.

2. You are unable to be flexible.

3. You do not have a true desire & attitude of service.

4. You will not be able to focus on the culture & those around you instead of yourself.

5. You are unwilling to submit to the leadership of someone else.

6. You are afraid to try new things.

7. You do not have a vital growing spiritual life.



You should go on a trip if the following is true in your life:


1. You are willing to sacrifice your comfort etc. for the cause of Christ.

2. You are going to serve & be a blessing.

3. You are not looking for a cheap way to see another country.

4. You want to grow in your spiritual life & personal walk with God.

5. You want to be a blessing both to the missionary & national Christians.

6. You want to get a world vision & see the need to get the gospel around the world.

7. You are willing to work with a team attitude.



Missions Trips give you:

  1. Life Skills
  2. Ministry Skills
  3. Builds your Faith


Here to Serve,

Jeff Bush

General Director of Vision Baptist Missions

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