OG Volunteer Application

We have  a strong desire to serve missionaries and those who serve in a short term capacity. If you have any questions about the application process please let us know. It is not our intent to create unnecessary red tape but believe that it is important for your donors that we are thorough and professional in the manner in which we handle funds. We work hard to help people be good stewards of the money He has given them.

We facilitate O.G. Volunteers at no cost to them or their local church. We are a faith based, local church ministry and are thankful the Lord has provided us with an opportunity to serve in this area of ministry.

Application Process

  1. Pastoral Recommendation | A letter stating your pastor and church are behind your missions endeavor, that you are in good standing with the church family, and their understanding of your intent on your journey.
  2. Missionary Recommendation | A letter from the missionary or missionaries you will be working with that shows their interest in having you serve with them (email is acceptable)
  3. Completed Application | We need you to completely fill out the VBM Application Form. This will allow us to best serve you and your church. (You can request a PDF Application by emailing us)
  4. College Letter of Intent | If your trip is in relation to fulfillment of a college course and will be receiving college credit in exchange for your time served we request a “Letter of Intent” that specifies your requirements from your college. (optional)