Ralph Winter who said, “If you see a roaring fire you can grab your bucket, run to the stream, then run to the fire and pour water on it—and you can do that repeatedly. Or you could wake 100 sleeping firemen.” Missions mobilization is waking the 100 sleeping firemen.In my current season of life God is guiding me to wake the 100 sleeping firemen.

The U.S. Center for World Missions, estimates that less than 1% of the 100,000 people who contact mission organizations each year ever make it to the field.  He atttribues part of this to the fact that there are not enough people to mentor, disciple, nurture and equip people in the process.  If you are reading this page, then chances are God is in the process of opening your eyes to His heart for the nations.  Maybe you have already had the chance to be part of what He is doing in the nations and you are now seeking what to do with that experience.

A mobilizer is passionate about God and His mission for the world. Mobilizers make it their mission in life to spread God’s mission. They use all the resources they possess to spread the Word and reach people in need of God. Mobilizers spend time, money, and resouces to influence others to follow Jesus and to be part of His global mission.

At Vision Baptist Missions it is our prayer that we do more than just facilitate the financial matters of our missionaries but we really live life in the trenches with them. We use every ounce of our energy and influence to encourage young people to take Vision Tours, we find interns for our missionaries, we work at providing auxillary ministries for church planting like the Voice in the Villages project, we host several Our Generation Events each year to promote missions!

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