Late Saturday evening, I received an e-mail about how the police had come to all the churches we know in Harbin. As I write this, there have been multiple questionings of our friends and there is a great unknown of what will happen. We have also received updates that seem to have positive undertones in them but what if the worst were to happen?

First of all, it took seven years for this to happen. Seven years, four churches, several trained Chinese pastors and several more on their way up. God has done amazing things in China – things that people said could not be done.

There will be some who point and say that if this happens (having to leave the country) then it means the work is a failure. But the goal is not to make sure to stay in the country, the goal is to see churches established and Chinese pastors trained. Since that is the goal then we can say that this ministry is a success.

Secondly, the work will go on. With trained Chinese pastors and independent churches, the work can go on. Sadly, this can’t be said of many mission works, but we know the one in China is not that way.

The Chinese men leading the churches in China are great men of God. They have been used and will continue to be used of God. As Americans, persecution to us is the worst of all fates, but historically, it strengthens and purifies the church.

We do not know what the future holds for the current ministry in Harbin, China. However, we do know that there is a God in heaven who is in control. It is interesting that this happened on Easter Sunday. This is the day we celebrate when God won the ultimate victory. We can know from Easter that God always wins. No matter what.

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