SET-UP FUND (by Jonathan Marks)

Would you consider helping us with the follow items as we prepare to take the gospel to China.

Our Set-up fund includes all the things we will need to get started in China including expenses that come with moving to another country and setting up our home. We had to take into account that we would not be able to ship a lot of our things from home, or borrow items from our friends and family close by.

In preparation for our departure, we will be raising these funds in advance. This will allow us to raise the funds in a proper amount of time and be prepared to leave when the time comes.

Our Church has put a policy into place that will allow all money designated for the “Jonathan-China Set-Up Fund” to be placed into our escrow account through Vision Baptist Missions and will be set aside to be used for the reason it was given. If for any reason, we do not make it to the field, you will be notified and returned any money given towards this fund by Vision Baptist Missions.

It is our desire to leave for China in the summer of 2015. We will be listing several items and expenses that are a part of our “Setup Fund.” We will also be keeping you up to date with any new things that have been added and all items that have been provided for. Please, feel free to make a donation of any kind to help us get closer to leaving by this time. All gifts are tax deductible.

Send all gifts to Vision Baptist Missions, P.O. Box 442, Alpharetta, GA 30009  with “Jonathan Marks Setup Fund” as the subject. Also, please note if you are giving for a specific expense.

We know the Lord will bless in this matter, and we thank you in advance for your generosity!

Top Ten Items in the Setup Fund:

1.Six Airplane Tickets: $9,000 – Tickets are going to cost us around $1,500 a person from the US to China.

2.Rent for a Year: $6,000 – Our rent for the entire year has to be paid up front. This figure is based on paying $500 a month for rent.

3.Hotel Cost: $840 – We will rent a hotel until we can find an apartment to rent. This works out to be about $30 a day for two weeks.

4.Visas: $1,260 – This is at $210 per person to get our Visas.

5.Language School: PAID IN FULL

6.Furniture: $3,500 – This includes basic furniture in the house such as couches, coffee table, beds, ect.

7.Dryer: $500

8.Washer: $400

9.Refrigerator: $500

10.Stove: $500

Feel free to give for these specifically or just a general gift of any amount.

We will list items as they are provided and add new items as time goes by.

Thank You!


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