September 2014 Prayer Letter (by Ben Johnson)

Dear Pastors and Praying Friends,

We are excited to announce that we are now over halfway done with deputation! That means we are over halfway back to China! This seems like a huge milestone for us and we cannot wait to see what God does over the next few months as we seek to end our time raising support and prepare to live overseas full time.Halfway There

Traveling and Support

          If you have not guessed yet, we are now at 54% of the support we need in order to leave for China. This past month has been a blessing in not just passing the 50% mark but also that all of our meetings have been within six hours of home. It has been nice to have only been in FL, AL, TN, SC, NC and GA. We were in thirteen different churches this month and have been greatly encouraged.

It’s a Boy!

We are also excited to announce that we have found out we are having a boy! Personally, I have been hoping for this although Evie was not too excited. As we were in the appointment and the ultrasound technician told us the gender, Evie responded, “But I wanted a girl baby!” She is coming around but, she does insist we name him Cookie.

Yours for China,

The Johnsons


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