Dear Praying Friends,

Better late than never! I have been holding off on writing this prayer letter because I had hoped to have all the building work done, so I could include some great pictures and also firm dates on upcoming ministries in the new church building, but apparently I still needed more lessons in patience. The main holdup is electricity: I have been fighting with the power company to get it turned on for over a month, and am now waiting on the verdict from an electrician. We are praying that the worst case scenario (having to replace all the wiring) does not come to pass!

General Contractors/Missionaries…

Here’s an update on what we HAVE been able to finish so far: the entire church is cleaned, painted, windows replaced. We have been able to purchase 50 chairs, office furniture, AC units, curtains, pulpits, TV’s (about the same price as projectors, but better for the space), nursery furniture, toys for the nursery, and outfitted a corner bookstore/coffee corner for people to sit and talk comfortably. Everything else that is needed has to wait for electricity, but it is super close!

Answered Prayers through You!

We have been absolutely overwhelmed by the response from our supporters in this endeavour. We initially set forth a minimum budget of $7000 to get things rolling, and in 2 months have exceeded it! It’s a good thing God knows how much we needed even I didn’t: if you’ve ever headed up a large project, you know that things rarely come in UNDER budget, and that’s the case here as well. Thanks to the extra funds that were given we’ve been able to cover everything so far except for the church sign ($600), and projection software ($300). Beyond these needs, we are praying to be able to raise at least $3000 more in the next couple months for literature and media distribution to let the community know we are here and teaching the Word!

Even though we don’t have electricity, we’ve been able to meet and study the Bible with Pablo and several others in the building. Please pray for his continued growth, and all the other new contacts we’ve made in this building process! We are planning to continue weekly Bible studies, and start with English classes and a Sunday service as soon as we have power.

Some things to pray for:

  • Bible Studies and discipleship opportunities
  • Building project to finish smoothly
  • Elena and Isabel as they start a new school year and continue learning 2 languages!
  • Funds for media blitz and church sign

Thanks to all who have given for the project, but as always a big thank you to all who give and pray regularly for us!

Yours for His Harvest,

The Newtons

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