With the current news hysteria about Ebola, Charity and I are often asked about how Ebola will affect our plans. “Aren’t you scared to go to West Africa? Isn’t it dangerous? Isn’t it foolish?” Those are just a few of the questions that we have been asked over the past few weeks as we travel to churches. And I can completely understand the questions and concerns they have. But our answer to them is always the same, “If we were trusting in ourselves over there, it could be frightening. But thankfully we are trusting in an all powerful God who is in control.”

 One of my favorite names for God is found in I Peter. It refer to Him as the “Faithful Creator”. It is a name that reminds us of His power as the One who was able to create the World out of nothing. But it also reminds us of His deep love for us as the Faithful one who will never fail us.

He has already proven His faithfulness to us many time over the past year as we have been traveling. Back in August  we were up in Pennsylvania for some meetings. One Sunday morning we left early to get to the Church we were going to be at. But after we arrived at the church, no one else showed up! After sitting there well past the time for it to start and failing to reach anyone on the phone, we came to the conclusion that nobody was coming. By this time, we were unsure of what to do. There were no other churches in the area that I knew and by the time we drove to one services would already be over.

I remembered passing a small church right after we got off the interstate. Aside from the name, we didn’t know anything about it. But I figured it would be better to go to church somewhere instead of not going at all. Arriving right before the service started, we slipped into the back. During the service, the Pastor asked me some questions about where we were from and where we were going and I mentioned that we were headed to Africa as missionaries. He allowed me to speak to the church for a little bit about the ministry. After the service, as I talked with the pastor, I found out that it was a great church of like faith.

Just this month that Pastor e-mailed me and said that he was taking a proposal before the missions committee of the church to take Charity and I on for support. As I sat in the parking lot of the empty church, I felt like that had been a waste of a morning. A failure. But my faithful God worked in ways I could never imagine. He lead us to a great church that I probably would have never have heard of or contacted.

There have been many situations just like this one over the past year where God has worked in ways that only He can. And Charity and I are confident that He will continue to work and protect us as we serve Him.

We have had a great month full of meetings. We were in the states of North Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, and Ohio this month. Two of the people that went with me on my very first trip to Burkina are members of one of the churches we were at in Georgia. It was neat to see them again and know that they are still faithfully serving God. We praise the Lord for the four new supporters we picked up this month.

Thank you for all of your prayers and support this month!

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