Providential Furlough (by John Walz)

After an emotional week of services and powerful message by Jake Taube in Monday nights special service, we bought tickets to fly back to America where will regroup and try to re-enter China on a new passport.

Originally we had plans next year to visit churches looking for new support for our own independent church planting ministry in China. But it looks like we are advancing those plans. We will at least spend a month in the States and possibly longer depending on the circumstances.

So if your church would be interested in having us on such a short notice, please contact me by email. We would love to spend time to get to know you and share our heart to serve the Lord Jesus in China. Regardless if we are able to regain entry into China (though gut is telling me we will), we will move on to set up a church planting ministry where Chinese people and language is the majority, a Taiwan being first on the list.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers, love, and support. We “get” to!



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