Prayer for Pastor Gardner


October 31, 2012



This is a letter from our Pastor, Austin Gardner, sharing his prayer request with our church family. I share it hoping that you will remember Pastor Gardner in prayer.

I do not have any real news.  I want to thank all of you for praying for me. You have been super kind. I do not have words to express what it is like to get the phone calls, emails, and texts that people are praying.

My urologist said that he saw a 1cm growth or something behind my pancreas. He doesn’t know what it is. We are going to get a PET scan which insurance companies do not like to allow and are very expensive.

Betty and I have Christian Healthcare. We believe that they are good and will do a good job but still haven’t paid anything.

Betty did get a call today giving me an appoint to see Dr. Jolly this Friday. He is an oncologist. He will examine my scans and let me know what he thinks is the next step for me. It could be nothing or little to nothing. It could also be big. We do not know and are just praying and trusting God.

Vision Baptist Church has been super kind to us in the way that they have ministered to us. They had special prayer for us last night.

Our old Sunday School class gave us gift cards and a note. All are so super kind.

Our missionary friends from all over the world have been very kind to us and are praying.

I am blessed. Thanks to all.

Today is our youngest daughter’s birthday. Joy has 3 children and lives in Arequipa, Peru. Her family are faithful members of Omega Baptist Church. I want to wish her a very special happy birthday.

I love all of you and thank you so much for all you do. God bless



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