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Tonight, January the 29th, Paul Taube will be ordained into the Gospel Ministry at 7 pm EST at Grace Baptist Church in Middletown, OH. As you would expect he and his wife, Amber, are very excited about this night. You can watch a one minute video update were Paul shares how he has anticipated this day for the last 11 years. I encourage you to join in online by watching the live stream above.


This is not only an exciting night for Paul and Amber but for many, many people. This couple is very special to many of us. They exemplify so many of the wonderful characteristics that are found in Christ but are extremely rare among young couples today.  Here is a noncomprehensive list of some of the other people for which this is also a a very big day!


  • The Taube Family. Jim and Sue Taube, to the praise of God, have raised children who truly are arrows shaped to make a difference in the world. The have children who will be serving in China, Japan, and in India through Paul’s family. I am most certain they are extremely proud of Paul on this day.
  • Grace Baptist Church. Grace has been very intentional over the last few decades at training up young men and young women for the work of the ministry. Through the Christian school, youth ministry, and pulpit ministry Paul has been challenged to be a man of the Book.
  • India. As with all servants of God we can not look down the road and know of all the places God will lead Paul to serve but God has made it evident to Paul and Amber that they are to minister in Northern India. This is a big day for India in that another messenger of hope is taking another step in his journey to bring them the Gospel. The entire team of friends who make who Come and See India are very excited that the Taubes voluntarily partner with this team for the sake of mobilization.
  • Vision Baptist Missions. Grace Baptist Church allowed the Our Generation Training Center (the training arm of VBM) to partner with them to help prepare Paul for church planting, missions service. Paul publicly committed his life to foreign missions service at a camp 11 years ago, which is a ministry of Vision Baptist Missions. They have been allowed to watch him grow through the local church all these years. 


All of you have ever prayed for “laborers for the harvest” should be excited about this day. God has used His Word and His church to prepare this couple in a very special way. They have faced difficulties along the way and on that day we wept with them. On this day we will rejoice with them. There will be many more days of rejoicing and weeping with them.


Paul is a church planting missionary with Vision Baptist Missions (Alpharetta, GA).  You could be used to speed them along in their journey by considering making them one of your strategic partners as your church forms a plan to reach the world with the Gospel! I could not recommend any man any more highly. I am very proud to call them my friend and fellow laborers in the Gospel!!




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