Saturday we had a one-day missions camp in Hiawassee, GA. There were probably around 40-50 youth and some awesome preaching, activities and fellowship with the youth. It is our desire at Vision Baptist Missions to see a new generation of missionaries and laborers for God’s service. God is still calling people and we hope to help encourage and equip those that God is calling.

If you are a missionary reading this, I want to encourage you to tell churches or youth groups that VBM would be honored to travel to their church and set up a one-day missions camp – providing the games, preaching, music and activities. If you are a youth worker or young person, I want to encourage you to talk to your pastor and let him know about this great opportunity to present and stir up missions in your youth group. VBM does not charge to hold these events, in fact VBM provides the preachers and does all the work just so that youth can have an opportunity to hear and consider giving their lives to God’s service.

If we at VBM can be of any service or if you have any questions, please contact us at 770-362-3795.


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