Let us say that you are on a football team and you have been assigned the position of cornerback. For many of you, at that point you would probably be wondering why you were on a football team to begin with but now you wonder because you have no idea what a cornerback is supposed to do. You go on the field not knowing which side to line up on or even where you should stand. This situation would have to be, if not frustrating, the most embarrassing thing you may be able to think of.

From this simple illustration, we can show that knowing what your position is very important. It tells you what to do and how you are to act. However, if you do not know your position, you will be frustrated and annoyed at trying to do something but having little to no clue about what your job is and why you are supposed to do it. I believe many Christians today fall into this category.

Much of preaching today is a pep rally about how people should act and do rather than about who they are. We often go to church to hear a sermon like that then we head out to face our week. We try our best to do what we know to do but sadly fail and then are frustrated because we think that God is now really upset because we mess up. Then we come back on Sunday to get another pep rally then head back out.

There is no problem in preaching about what we are to do and how we are to act. The Bible clearly states those things. But we cannot skip all the passages that lead up to where the Bible tells us what we are to do. This is most clearly seen in Paul’s letters to churches. He did not start by telling the churches what to do but started by telling them who they were in Christ. In other words, He explained their position then he moved into their practice.

So what is our position? Well, it is extreme large and profound but I hope to help you see it in the post next week.

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