With the baby coming, we knew that this month was going to be a little different than normal, but it successfully exceeded our expectations.


Birth and then NICU

Our little Grace was born on September 15th, but spent the next 7 days in the NICU with a serious infection. About 3 days in, I sent out an update asking for prayer and the Lord answered. 24 hours later, things had dramatically turned around and she was doing much better. Many of you know already, but I want to repeat it in this ‘prayer letter’ so that you will know that your prayers make a difference. The Lord does hear and answer prayer, and we are extremely grateful.

She is now at home and we continue to get good reports from the doctors as she grows.

Screen Shot 2014-10-17 at 9.13.09 PM


In the middle of this, we have been looking for a house for quite a while here, but not having a lot of luck. Part of it was my fault for trying to do a lot of it digitally, when I live in an analog world now. There are a lot of websites to list houses, but really all they are good for is getting your hopes up. Come to find out, pretty much every house that you see is just bait to get you to call. It’s not actually available.

So finally, I resorted to more manual methods and took the moto up and down every single road in the area of the city we were looking for. This is how we eventually found the place that we plan to rent here in the next few days.

2014-10-11 10.51.00

Positioning for Impact 

The new house is in the area we plan to eventually have the church. So, this is the first step, as we are coming toward the last months of language school, toward that. We are praying that by moving there ahead of time, we will be able to start to get to know the people and area more thoroughly, preparing us for that day.

Our current house was our transition house, but this new one is far more exposed and we should run into far more people on a daily basis. Pray that the Lord uses us in this new place and prepares the way before us.

Since this house isn’t in a very fancy area, the house doesn’t have any A/C, kitchen cabinets, or oven, for example, so we are going to have to put those things in as we can afford it, but we think it is a good place for ministry.

Still languaging on…
Yep. Still feeling good about our progress. Looking to be done soon.

Yours for the Gospel in Thailand,

Philip and Lori Bassham
(and Claire and Grace)

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