I remember being in FL in ’04 for Hurricane Charlie, and the feeling of awe watching the edge of the massive storm moving toward us. There were two things that were abundantly clear as I tracked the clouds: firstly, there was no stopping this thing; and secondly, everything around us was going to change. 

John 3 tells us that the Spirit is like the wind: He blows where He chooses. Like a great wind, those same characteristics are true of His work: He is Sovereign and unstoppable in His plan, and nothing is the same after He blows. 

We have spent the past several years asking for prayer that He would blow in such a way in Spain and the rest of SW Europe. Let me be clear: we never believed that God would START working in Spain because of us; He has obviously been at work here as in the rest of the world. It has been so encouraging to see the foundations that have been laid by many other pastors and missionaries, and the fruit that God has already given. But we knew that praying for a larger outpouring of His power and grace (in a place that has never in its history seen such a thing) was praying according to His will and His heart, and that He loves to answer those kind of prayers by and through His people. 

Today I feel like I did that day in FL… we are busy trying to occupy ourselves in efforts to meet people, share the Gospel, disciple believers, and see churches planted, but with the feeling of a growing wind at our backs: a breeze that promises a gale. 

This past Wednesday we saw our first soul come to Christ in the finished church building. Sergio came for English classes the second week in a row, and told me this: “I’m honestly not super interested in English, but I hoped you could help me with my life: I don’t have any peace, I’m miserable, and I’m afraid to die.” Two hours later, this young man who was raised in a postmodern anti-God society, living the party lifestyle, had never once heard the Gospel, who, in my lack of faith, I thought would at LEAST take several months of witnessing and praying for him, asked me: “Can I put my faith in Christ right now? I don’t want to wait if I don’t have to!”

The wind blew. And we are praying in that faith that it will continue to blow.

We are launching in November a new weekly Bible study through the book of John, aimed at discipling new believers and answering doubts and questions from unbelievers. Please pray in faith that God will:

  • direct the literature distribution in the next 2 weeks, that the fliers will end up in the hands of those with ears to hear. 
  • use the pre-launch Sunday services (official services starting after the holiday break) also starting in November in the lives of  believers and the lost. 
  • continue to work in the lives of Pablo, Hugo, and Sergio, as they grow in their walk with Christ and witness for Him.
  • send forth laborers into the harvest He has prepared. This part of the world is a place of both great need and great opportunity to magnify Christ. 
  • keep our hearts close to Him. This is all His work, and we do not want to quench or grieve the Spirit of God. 
  • continue to provide funds for these endeavours. The building is complete except for a sign, but the greatest need now is funding upcoming outreach campaigns. If you would like more details to get involved please let me know!

‘Thank you’ as always seems insufficient for all your faithful prayer and support, but we are truly grateful.

Yours for His Harvest,

The Newtons

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