My Grandmother is in the Hospice Center (by Mark Coffey)

I want to thank everyone who has already been praying for my family and ask the ones who haven’t heard to please say a prayer.  My “Mamaw” is close to heaven.  Times like this make it a little tough being so far away.  My grandmother made a statement that I was hoping wouldn’t be true when we left for South Africa.  She said, “This will probably be the last time we see each other.”  Well thankfully to Skype and Facetime that wasn’t true, but it would be the last time we would actually be with her.

On Saturday evening, she suffered a brain aneurism and wasn’t found until early Sunday morning when my aunt went to pick her up for church.  It’s kind of been down hill from there, and last night as I was going into church, my mom let me know they were taking her out of ICU and moving her to a hospice center.

My cousin, Kevin Hall and I, will be flying without our families back to the states as soon as we receive news of her passing to help with the funeral and to be with family.

Please pray for my family that isn’t able to travel back with me.  I know that’s tough on them, and also pray for the family we are going to meet.  Mamaw was a special person that brought a lot of people together.

Also pray we will be able to find good prices on plane fare.


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