Monday Update 8/25/14 (by Beau Carpenter)

Jamari'ye after a day at the Mini-Summit!

  • Saturday I went with a few guys from our church to Hiawassee GA for a Mini-Summit! I was very grateful to be able to challenge the youth who attended from Romans 1! Lauryn, James, Jamari’ye, and Alveon all got up very early to be able to go with me, it was a fantastic day!
  • I am very grateful for the men God has sent to Vision! Saturday while I was up at the mini summit, there was a men’s breakfast and our weekly outreach that all continued on as usual and went great! God’s work is never limited to one man or a group of elite, but it is for all of God’s people to take part in!
  • Sunday we just finished John 8! I have very much enjoyed preparing and preaching this chapter, the message is bold and clear, Jesus is God!

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