Monday Update 3/9/15 (On Tuesday) (by Beau Carpenter)


  • Apologies are due for not giving an update last week! Nonetheless, I’m not too worried, we have a lot to catch up on for today!
  • Last Sunday, we had a few people out, but I was very excited that one young man came for the second time during the evening service. We were able to sit down and talk about his story, the Bible, church, salvation, and a number of other things. I’m looking forward to further conversations with this young man.
  • This Sunday, Glen did a fantastic job inviting and bringing some more teens! We had 8 teens come on Sunday and a few of them for the first time. I can’t say enough about how hard Glen works and what a fantastic job he does at the church. I’m going to miss being able to work along side him when he begins deputation, but at the same time excited to see all that God will do with him. You should definitely consider supporting him when he starts deputation.
  • PCC Trip: Last Monday, a group from VBM went to Pensacola Christian College to promote world evangelism and encourage students looking towards missions. I had the opportunity to give a brief challenge to a group of about 400 students about giving their lives in service to God.
  • This week, one of our big projects is making final preparations for Celebration Sunday. Vision will be celebrating our Second anniversary. We are using social media, email, postcards, phone calls, text messages, visits, and anything else to invite people for this service!
Postcard Invitations for Celebration Sunday
Postcard Invitations for Celebration Sunday

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