✪ Yesterday we were honored as our home church, Victory Baptist Church, said their goodbyes to us as they send us to the field.  It was an emotional day that we will never forget.  We are extremely grateful for the eternal impact that they have made in our lives!

✪ Last Wed night we had our final meeting of deputation at Fellowship Baptist in Maryland.  I had a great time getting to preach and present our ministry there.  Very bittersweet to leave our very last church of the deputation trail!

✪ Thursday night, Vision Baptist Church, had a send off service for us.  We are very blessed to have this church behind us and aiding us through their mission board.  They are one of the many churches that are holding the ropes tightly for us as we head to the field.

✪ In case you missed our latest prayer letter, you can read it HERE.

✪ We were supposed to leave for London on Wednesday.  However, it looks like another winter storm is headed our way.  The worse of it is supposed to hit the day we leave.  Instead of risking flight cancellations, which would set us back with appointments we have in London, we are leaving tonight!  This is the day we have been working towards and we couldn’t be more excited.  Please pray for us as we travel tonight, and beg God to begin to do a work through our lives in London!

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