Monday Ministry Report – March 24, 2014 (by Chris Waye)

✪ We had a good but busy last week helping the Snodes move and get settled into their new place.   They only moved from about 4 miles away, but now are 2 min away instead of 45 min.  London traffic is a blessing ;)

✪ Saturday we spent some time distributing John and Romans in a neighborhood near us.

✪ Was able to meet several new people last week here in the community.  We are getting our kids involved with some local activities that will allow us more opportunities to interact with locals.  They always ask why we have moved here so it is a great opportunity to share the Gospel and what we are doing.

✪ Visited another pastor-less church this week.  Seems to be the norm here.  Pray for more men to step up and enter the ministry.

✪ Really enjoying a missions class that my friends in China and N Africa are teaching right now.  I would encourage you to listen when you get a chance.  It is a great reminder of what the primary job of every church and Christian is today; to make disciples!  Listen here.

✪ Yesterday I heard that one of my long time friends at my home church has surrendered to full time foreign missions.  I praise the Lord for the 7 or 8 young guys that I grew up with that are either on their way to the mission field or already there.  It should be the desire of every church to send their own.

✪  Pray for us this week as we get out and try to meet more people and share the Gospel.  We have to remember that this not easy work to be taken lightly, and that making disciples is a never ending process.


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